Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer's not over.

{Declared 1969 crop--}

Hello Declared lovers!

Our first blog post :)  The start to an amazing journey that you all won't want to miss out on!  As sad as we are to see Summer come and go, it's never too late to pair your favorite Summer must haves with a Fall necessity.  I paired our 1969 crop with a slitted maxi skirt to give it a sexy playful vibe.  I matched the outfit with gold, bright pink, and turquoise accessories to keep it a little Summery.  I mean, who really wants Summer to go?  I want to keep the feel of Summer days as long as I can.  And of course I had to wear my go to pair of JC's with this outfit, I just love the wedge cutouts!  I hope everybody has an amazing rest of the week...just 2 more days until the weekend.  We can do it!  Be sure to follow us to keep updated on what we're doing here at Declared. :)

Christine Hsu 
 Declared Style Blogger

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